Nekomerční rádiová stanice s muzikou TRANCE, PROGRESSIVE TRANCE, VOCAL TRANCE, DREAM DANCE....
                                                         Music FOREVER - RADIO LIFE FM STATION !!!


Rádio Life TRANCE FM vysílá NON-STOP to nejlepší z TRANCE MUSIC 24/7 !

Aktuální info na webu, fotky z aktuálních akcí, vše ohledně TRANCE muziky vždy na stránce, nebo Facebooku :-)

Hrajeme to nejlepší co lze v Trance aktuálně slyšet.
Každou sobotu večer premiéra novinek z aktuálního týdne a playlist plný skvělé muziky. 

Radio Life TRANCE FM broadcast NON-STOP Best of Trance music 24/7 !
Actual info online, photos from events, everything about TRANCE always on site or Facebook :-)

We play the best you can actually hear in Trance.
Every Saturday night premiere news from the current week and the playlist full of great music.

If you want VOTE! for actual play song, please click on this icon on WEB page  
We do radio with a love for music...

Mobile App Important:
Our mobile apps must be unmonitored in android through the battery saver monitor,
and return to the main screen using the home button, not the navigation arrow of the phone.
The application was created in the Mit App inventor, please understand, we believe this will be solved.
So far, the application does not support running in the background.
How made it? Our help here

Team Radio Life.
Studio Radio Life:

American Audio

Audio in studio:  Width 24 bits  /  rate 96khz   
Broadcasting:  World 192kbps / 48khz + FM Audioprocessor for local broadcasting
All rights reserved. Radio Life FM Station